Who Makes the Best Chislic In South Dakota? Official Contest Announcement!

SD Chislic Festival-white logo.png


#1 - "Classic Sheep"
Mutton or Lamb


#2 - "New Age Nosh"
Deer, Goat, Buffalo, Beef (no Mutton/Lamb)


#3 - "People's Choice"

The Festival will sell tickets at the event that will enable attendees to try a sample of meat from each of the competitors competing in the chislic contest. Competitors will be recompensed based on the number of tickets collected.

Upon entering either the "Classic Lamb" or "New Age Nosh" categories, a competitor is automatically included in the "People's Choice" competition, if they choose to do so.


$250 prize for each category Champion + a custom-designed trophy by the metal-worker extraordinaires over at 81 Metal Art

Contestants are allowed to have more than one type of chislic to sell. However, only one type of chislic, and one entrant, per registration fee.

Contestants are encouraged to compete and also have chislic for sale.

Enter the competition today!

Best of luck - and may the best chislic win!