We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat!

Wow. You. Are all. Fantastic. We have seen so much unbelievable response to our concept of the South Dakota Chislic Festival, that we have some exciting news. We're moving to a bigger venue!!

We're headed out to the Freeman City Park and Softball Field. Here's the vision: on the softball side, craft beer, vendors, and great chislic. Sit on the grass, socialize, and enjoy the amazing baseball complex that we in Freeman take so much pride in. We're thinking about a tent, we're working on some entertainment and a band - it's all in the works. Get psyched, South Dakota.

On the City Park side, picture a family-friendly atmosphere. Think ice cream and snow cones. Activities for the kids. Send your kid to the supervised pool while you go get some chislic and craft beer. Relax in the shade of our beautiful City Park.

Parking is a huge deal to us. This new venue will provide us with much more accessible parking. It's going to be easier to get to us, and easier for you to get home at the end of the night.

We're so excited about this opportunity. This allows vendors to have the time they need to set up. It allows fencing to be in-place so that we have fewer logistical hurdles. It puts us in a wonderful park atmosphere as opposed to hot concrete. It allows us to synergize the wonderful assets of our community and build something amazing for the region.

Trust us. Freeman loves its Main Street. We really, really wanted to do this on Main Street. But from what we can see, this party is going to be big, and for that we need space and room to grow. This is only the beginning. Stay tuned for many more amazing announcements in the days to come!



Joshua Hofer