The answers to your questions

The South Dakota Chislic Festival sounds amazing! When and where is it?
The 2019 festival is Saturday, July 27th. It will be at the beautiful Freeman Prairie Arboretum in Freeman, South Dakota.

With all the rain we've had lately, will the event be canceled due to bad weather?
No, the festival is on rain or shine!

Do I have to pay to park or get into the festival?
No, parking and admission are FREE!

I've found my way to the festival parking. Do I have to walk to the event?
Unless you'd like some exercise, we encourage you to wait for the shuttle to transport you to the festival.

Can I bring my moped, golf cart or 4-wheeler on the festival grounds?
We hope you get to the festival by any means necessary, but for the safety of festival-goers, only festival staff/volunteers/security and emergency services vehicles will be allowed in the festival area. Personal mobility scooters are permitted.

Is the SD Chislic Festival wheelchair accessible?
The festival is held in an outdoor environment. The area is mostly flat with gravel and grass. We want the festival to be enjoyable for everyone! We have designated accessible parking, and an accessible restroom. Vehicles must have appropriate plates or permits to park in accessible spaces. All parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

My dog is my best friend, can he come to the festival too?
You'll have to leave your BFF at home this time. The only animals allowed on festival grounds are service animals. With all the people and activity, your pet will likely feel better at home anyway.

Is the festival 21+ or can I bring my family?
While you will need to be 21 to enjoy the craft beer (Alcohol Policy available here), all ages are welcome at the festival!  We're family-friendly folks! 

My husband loves chislic and beer. Me, not so much. Will there be other things to eat and drink?
Yes! Many of your favorite festival foods will be available including funnel cakes, hot dogs, hamburgers, and cotton candy.

I love the entertainment you have performing! Will there be seating for everyone to enjoy the show?
The arboretum has an amazing built-in seating option. Some tables and chairs will also be available. We encourages you to bring a blanket or chair to enhance your enjoyment of the entertainment and overall festival experience.

I want my business name on this event! Who do I contact about being a sponsor?
The South Dakota Chislic Festival is a great way to get your business name in front of festival goers. To get the details about sponsorship, please contact Josh at or by phone at 605.496.9946.

I make a pretty tasty dozen of chislic! How do I become a vendor?
Vendor applications are available now. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Andrea at

I've decided to be a chislic vendor. How do I compete in the chislic competition?
All chislic vendors will have the opportunity to compete. Stay tuned for all the competition details.

Are there ATM’s at, or near the festival grounds?
Yes. An ATM is available at the festival as well as several other location in Freeman.

If I leave the festival, can I get back in?
Yes, you may come and go as you wish!

Are the festival grounds smoke-free?
Yes. The festival is a big summer highlight for many. To make it enjoyable, we ask that you refrain from smoking in the festival area.

What do I do if I need medical attention, have lost something, or need other assistance?
 Please go to the festival information booth or flag down one of our festival volunteers, security or staff to assist you.

Is there somewhere I can stay in Freeman?
Freeman would love to accommodate you for the night! We have a couple of hotel and camping options available. Click here for details.